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Welcome to! Maintained by the U.S. General Services Administration, this website is the official hub for prize competitions and challenges across all federal government. is a web platform that assists federal agencies with inviting ideas and solutions directly from the public, or “crowd.” This is called crowdsourcing, and it’s a tenet of the program. The website enables the U.S. government to engage citizen-solvers in prize competitions for top ideas and concepts as well as breakthrough software, scientific and technology solutions that help achieve their agency missions.

This site also provides a comprehensive toolkit, a robust repository of considerations, best practices, and case studies on running public-sector prize competitions as developed with insights from prize experts across government.

Here’s how it works.

Longitude and ship navigation, Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight, even initial designs for the U.S. Capitol and White House—all were the result of open prize competitions. More recently, challenges have produced concepts for cost-effective clean water systems, gunshot detectors to improve responses to school shootings, and robots that can set up life support and communications infrastructure on Mars in preparation for future human missions.

And yes, those self-driving vehicles got their start in federal prize competitions, too.

Since 2010, the U.S. government has run nearly 1,000 challenges in more than 100 federal agencies, and with solvers spanning the gamut between students and hobbyists to small business owners and academic researchers.

U.S. government agencies constantly work to address issues that affect people, communities, and industries throughout the country and even the world. Sometimes, they need help.

Browse the listing of prize competitions on the site to find a topic that interests you. If something catches your eye, dive in a little deeper to find out how to submit your ideas and concepts.

Every prize competition is structured differently, and the details matter. Make sure to follow the detailed instructions to submit your entry correctly and before the posted deadline.

Work for government?

If you’re a member of the federal workforce and want to run a challenge, make sure to visit the Challenge and Prize Toolkit for considerations in designing and executing a successful competition.

And to post on, drop us a line at to get started.