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DARPA Subterranean (SubT) Challenge

Department of Defense

Create breakthrough technologies and capabilities for underground operations.

Open UntilSep 30, 2021

Rapid Image Colorization

Department of Defense

Demonstrate an algorithm that can rapidly, accurately, and automatically colorize grey scale panchromatic images.

Closed OnSep 09, 2018

Army Expeditionary Technology Search (xTechSearch)

Department of Defense

Linking Innovators Directly with the Army to Spur Innovation

Closed OnJul 12, 2018

Army Signal Classification Challenge

Department of Defense

The Army is seeking innovative approaches, leveraging machine learning/deep learning, to conduct blind radio frequency signal analysis.

Closed OnAug 13, 2018

DARPA Launch Challenge

Department of Defense

Anywhere. Anytime. Demonstrate flexible and responsive launch capabilities in days, not years, for our nation’s defense. $10 million first prize!

Open UntilDec 14, 2018

xView Detection Challenge

Department of Defense

Analyze the largest publicly available dataset of overhead images

Closed OnJul 08, 2018

Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

Department of Defense

A first-of-its kind collaborative machine-learning competition to overcome scarcity in the radio frequency spectrum.

Closed OnApr 30, 2018

Urban 3D Challenge

Department of Defense

Help U.S. Special Operations Command build an algorithm for automatic labeling of buildings based on orthorectified color satellite imagery and 3D height data

Closed OnDec 04, 2017

CubeSat Challenge

Department of Defense

Propose and demo innovative CubeSat payload technology/use concepts to support USSOCOM missions

Closed OnOct 18, 2017

Technology Challenges and Opportunities to Special Operation Forces in 2027

Department of Defense

It's 2027. What does the world look like, and what does it mean for Special Operations Forces?

Closed OnAug 10, 2017

Mobile Weather Station

Department of Defense

Portable weather station for Air Force Special Operations

Closed OnJul 18, 2017

Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) Hard Kill Challenge

Department of Defense

Physically defeat unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Closed OnDec 02, 2016

Disparate Data Challenge

Department of Defense

NGA seeks to unearth innovative ways of retrieving and analyzing data in different locations, formats, schemas and interfaces.

Closed OnSep 19, 2016

Army National Guard CSM Coin Design Challenge

Department of Defense

Design the new ARNG CSM Challenge Coin for CSM Kepner

Closed OnAug 31, 2016

Living Stories Challenge

Department of Defense

Dynamic and easy-to-read version control for everyone

Closed OnJul 15, 2016

Algorithm for Real-Time Parallax Correction

Department of Defense

Demonstrate your wearable system to correct parallax from multi-sensor optics.

Closed OnFeb 29, 2016

An Algorithm to Identify Material Mixtures from Raman Spectra

Department of Defense

Algorithm that can be translated into a software update for any commercial Raman system in the field

Closed OnNov 15, 2015

Engineered Surfaces, Materials and Coatings for Aircraft Drag Reduction

Department of Defense

soliciting innovative cost effective ways to reduce drag on legacy Air Force aircraft

Closed OnSep 21, 2015

Materials Science and Engineering Data Challenge

Department of Defense

We are seeking novel uses of accessible digital data to advance Materials Science and Engineering knowledge to accelerate the transition to industrial applications

Closed OnMar 31, 2016

Space Object Taxonomy

Department of Defense

We are looking for a taxonomy that can uniquely describe any space object

Closed OnJul 20, 2015

Mental Health and TBI Care Challenge

Department of Defense

You can help shape the future of mental health and traumatic brain injury care!

Closed OnJun 05, 2015

Novel Ballistic Coverage

Department of Defense

The Seeker desires a new approach for providing maximum ballistic coverage without range of motion limitations.

Closed OnJun 02, 2015


Department of Defense

Students developing applications which create intelligence from manufacturing data

Closed OnJul 15, 2016


Department of Defense

Students developing ideas describing how to create intelligence from manufacturing data

Closed OnMar 15, 2016

Air Force Turbine Prize

Department of Defense

A $2M prize is being established for the development of a turboshaft engine that can demonstrating 2x the fuel efficiency of today’s small turbines and 3x the power-to-weight of a typical aviation piston engine, all in a turbine package that holds the promise of longevity and durability.

Closed OnSep 01, 2018

Balancing Benefits and Risks in New Payment Systems

Department of Defense

The Seeker is soliciting innovative ideas and insights on future new payment systems (loosely defined as virtual currencies, prepaid cards, mobile money transfers, and hybrids thereof) and how to foster financial innovation while still allowing for oversight and detection of illegal activity.

Closed OnMar 16, 2015

Detection of Underground Voids – Sinkholes

Department of Defense

Voids / sinkholes underneath the ground’s surface are responsible for damage to many buildings and roads due to collapse. There is a need to detect underground voids / sinkholes as deep as 100 feet below the surface.

Closed OnFeb 27, 2015

3D Printable Small Robot to Assist in Bomb Disposal

Department of Defense

We seek a novel concept bomb squad robot. The goal is a "marsupial" robot, which is carried by a typical bomb squad robot and can be placed inside a vehicle suspected of harboring an explosive.

Closed OnNov 27, 2014

USSOCOM – Reducing Digital Optics Latency

Department of Defense

Develop a digital optics solution that reduces the latency associated with night vision systems.

Closed OnOct 17, 2014

DoD Quality, Patient Safety, and Innovation Awards

Department of Defense

Awards for Members of the Military Health System Dedicated to Quality, Patient Safety, and Innovation

Closed OnOct 14, 2014

Synthetic Biology for Materials

Department of Defense

The Seeker is soliciting innovative, detailed research proposals to develop the state of the art in synthetic biology to solve specific manufacturing challeges in two areas

Closed OnOct 17, 2014


Department of Defense

Building predictive models to outpace the spread of infectious disease

Closed OnFeb 01, 2015

Pre-Event Insider Attack Recognition

Department of Defense

A non-invasive approach that will accurately predict when an individual is primed to commit a hostile act.

Closed OnAug 31, 2014

Designing a Performance Support App for User-Generated Content

Department of Defense

A mobile app that facilitates the collection and creation of content that can be organized, accessed, and shared on a smart phone and/or a tablet to improve mission critical performance.

Closed OnAug 10, 2014

Disaster Apps Challenge

Department of Defense

Build upon an open source disaster relief application

Closed OnJul 15, 2014

Ideas for Annual Computational Cognition Competition

Department of Defense

Create a challenge to advance work in Cognitive Sciences

Closed OnApr 14, 2014

Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and Land Mine Reporting Apps Challenge

Department of Defense

Challenging developers to come up with a mechanism to keep eyes on the street and transform ordinary citizens mobile devices into tools that can be used to report ERW and land mines

Closed OnJul 20, 2014

Zero-GPS Precision Navigation

Department of Defense

This Challenge is seeking innovative non-GPS solutions that can help navigate in any part of the world without having to set up prepositioned towers or other devices.

Closed OnMar 31, 2014

Hackathon for Combat Feeding Mobile Apps

Department of Defense

Join the first Department of Defense Mobile Hackathon! Exclusive combat ration data sets, cash prizes, and the opportunity to support American Soldiers.

Closed OnJun 29, 2013

MTConnect Challenge 2

Department of Defense

Applications that harness innovation and manufacturing intelligence breakthroughs

Closed OnFeb 01, 2014

High Temp Polymer Composite for Additive Direct Manufacturing

Department of Defense

We are looking for high temperature polymer matrix composites (PMC) that can be used for Additive Direct Manufacturing (ADM).

Closed OnApr 22, 2013

MTConnect Challenge 1

Department of Defense

The winners of MTConnect Challenge 1 have been announced. For information about MTConnect Challenge 2, visit

Closed OnJun 01, 2013

Support Plate Replacement in Humanitarian Air Drops

Department of Defense

The Air Force is looking for an economical way to replace this skid-board for their TRIAD humanitarian food delivery system to make it safer

Closed OnApr 12, 2013

The DTRA Algorithm Challenge

Department of Defense

Identify Organisms from a Stream of DNA Sequences

Closed OnMay 31, 2013

Aims for MHS Innovations

Department of Defense

The Military Health System wants to know, how do we further the MHS's strategic goals by innovating around the Quadruple Aim?

Closed OnJan 17, 2013

GPS Jammer Locator

Department of Defense

Design a system to detect the location of GPS jamming devices.

Closed OnJan 03, 2013

Energetic Core-Shell Nanocluster Production

Department of Defense

Material processing technologies for the production of core-shell nanoclusters of energetic materials

Closed OnNov 19, 2012

Gallantly Streaming Absentee Voting Video Contest

Department of Defense

Win $1,000 and have your video seen by thousands at, while helping service members and American citizens overseas vote absentee.

Closed OnAug 06, 2012

A Trustworthy Mechanism to Identify Private vs. Public Information

Department of Defense

Propose a trustworthy mechanism to distinguish private vs. public information in a massive stream of online information

Closed OnMay 21, 2012

Durable Dielectric Coatings on Polycarbonate

Department of Defense

A Dielectric coating and process is required to apply a hot mirror (filter) to a polycarbonate substrate and endure extreme environmental conditions.

Closed OnJun 18, 2012

Medical Transportation Device for Combat Rescue

Department of Defense

This Challenge is seeking innovative designs for a transportation device that can be carried into a combat site by a single rescuer and safely evacuate the injured

Closed OnFeb 29, 2012

Fuel Scrubber

Department of Defense

Removing Surfactants & Emulsions From Fuel

Closed OnMar 12, 2012

DARPA’s Shredder Challenge

Department of Defense

DARPA Offers up to $50,000 Prize for Document Reconstruction

Closed OnDec 05, 2011

Fast Rope Glove Device

Department of Defense

The Seeker would like to develop a simple system or approach that can be employed with or as a FAST rope to maintain a fast but safe descent rate.

Closed OnDec 16, 2011

Special Operations Transport

Department of Defense

A design is required for a prototype transport system that can carry 2 passengers a distance of more than 60 kilometers over extremely rugged terrain at night.

Closed OnNov 15, 2011

Creating a Collaborative Nano-Bio Manufacturing Institute

Department of Defense

Creative business plan concepts are required for the formation of interdependent and flexible partnerships between Government, Industry & Academia.

Closed OnOct 01, 2011

UAV Forge

Department of Defense

Crowdsourcing for UAV Innovation

Closed OnJan 07, 2012


Department of Defense

The Department of Defense challenged the public to design a kit for use in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR) situations.

Closed OnAug 15, 2011

Sponsoring Scholars in Science

Department of Defense

A $1 million challenge to energize the development of new science and math programs as part of a Navy-wide educational initiative

Closed OnJun 17, 2011

2011 Cyber Quests Competition

Department of Defense

Cyber Quest is a fun and challenging online competition allowing participants to exhibit their ability to identify weaknesses in a virtual network and to answer questions related to their findings.

Closed OnMay 02, 2011

Design and simulation of an accurate shooter-locator

Department of Defense

We are looking for a design of a shooter locator that can detect any small arms fire within a fraction of a second and pinpoint its source accurately (within a few meters) within a few seconds

Closed OnMay 03, 2011

Humanitarian Air Drop

Department of Defense

We are looking for an alternative way to drop large amounts Humanitarian packages from an aircraft into populated areas with no danger of falling objects causing harm to those on the ground

Closed OnMay 03, 2011

Remote Human Demographic Characterization

Department of Defense

A system is desired that can determine approximate age (adult, teen, child) and gender of small groups of people at a distance. This Challenge requires only a written proposal.

Closed OnMay 03, 2011

Vehicle Stopper

Department of Defense

The Seeker is looking for an affordable means of stopping an uncooperative fleeing vehicle without permanent damage to the vehicle or harming any of the occupants.

Closed OnMay 03, 2011

Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-support Vehicle (XC2V) Design Challenge

Department of Defense

Win up to $10,000, Support the Warfighter

Closed OnMar 04, 2011

Absentee Voting Poster Contest

Department of Defense

The Federal Voting Assistance Program announces their Voting Poster Contest to promote absentee voting by Uniformed Services members, their families, and U.S. citizens living abroad.

Closed OnApr 11, 2011

Absentee Voting Slogan Contest

Department of Defense

The Federal Voting Assistance Programs 2011 Slogan Contest promotes absentee voting by the Uniformed Services, their families, and U.S. citizens residing outside the United States.

Closed OnApr 09, 2011

The NDU Press Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Department of Defense

As part of an ongoing shift to a more participatory Web, NDU Press is launching a holiday scavenger hunt. The site will be littered with clues and hidden easter eggs during this two-part challenge.

Closed OnDec 22, 2010

Digital Manufacturing Analysis, Correlation and Estimation (DMACE) Challenge

Department of Defense

$50,000 prize offered for the most accurate predictive model

Closed OnDec 07, 2010

Federal Virtual Challenge 2013

Department of Defense

An open challenge to the world to create the most innovative and interactive solutions in virtual environments.

Closed OnDec 11, 2012

DTIC Student Paper Competition

Department of Defense

Students: Write an original scientific or technical information paper and win a free trip to the 2011 Defense Technical Information Center Conference in Alexandria, VA

Closed OnFeb 08, 2011

DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge

Department of Defense

Help digital forensic examiners solve real-world challenges and develop new investigative tools, techniques, and methodologies. Solutions due before 1 Nov 2013!

Closed OnNov 01, 2013

Chief of Naval Research Challenge

Department of Defense

Win up to $100K for compelling solutions to current U.S. Navy and Marine Corps mission needs. Submit your ideas at the Naval Science & Technology Partnership Conference, November 8-10, 2010.

Closed OnNov 11, 2010