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Department of Education

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Reimagining the Higher Ed Ecosystem

Department of Education

Empowering people to design lifelong learning journeys

Closed OnAug 08, 2018

EdSim Challenge

Department of Education

Seeking next-gen educational simulations that strengthen career and technical skills

Closed OnJan 17, 2017

HBCU and TCU Making & Innovation Challenge

Department of Education

Facilitating Relationships. Empowering Students. Amplifying HBCU/TCU Talent.

Closed OnJun 06, 2016

CTE Makeover Challenge

Department of Education

$200,000 in cash prizes and $378,000 in in-kind prizes to bring more makerspaces to American high schools

Closed OnApr 01, 2016

Reach Higher Career App Challenge

Department of Education

Design apps to help students navigate education and career options

Closed OnDec 07, 2015

WHIAAPI E3! Challenge: Educate, Engage, and Empower Young AAPI Leaders

Department of Education

E3! is a new Ambassadors Program that "Educates, Engages, and Empowers" the next generation of leaders committed to advocating for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs). The E3! Ambassadors Program affords young leaders the opportunity to brainstorm and implement their own unique ideas to help improve the overall quality of life for AAPIs across the country.

Closed OnAug 27, 2014

Together for Tomorrow School Improvement Challenge

Department of Education

Challenging schools, national service programs, higher education institutions, and community and faith-based organizations to work together to propel improvement of our lowest-performing schools.

Closed OnJun 29, 2012

National Education Startup Challenge

Department of Education

Empowering students to tackle tough education challenges as innovators and entrepreneurs.

Closed OnMay 01, 2012

C2i: Gaming Challenge

Department of Education

How can interactive technology and game-based learning improve teaching and learning?

Closed OnMar 06, 2012

College Net Price Calculator Student Video Challenge

Department of Education

Few people know what net price means and even fewer know to look for a colleges net price calculator on its website. Help us get the word out!

Closed OnFeb 01, 2012

Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge

Department of Education

The Commencement Challenge invites public high schools across the country to demonstrate how their school best prepares them for college and a career.

Closed OnMar 11, 2011

Challenge to Innovate (C2i)

Department of Education

What keeps educators up at night? The NEA Foundation believes that as public school educators grapple with classroom problems, new ideas will be born that may transform public education

Closed OnJan 15, 2011

Proposal Challenge: Expanding Opportunity for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Department of Education

Your ideas for how you would partner with the federal government to make a meaningful impact on the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Proposals may include innovation, enhanced infrastructure, or a solution for a hot topic issue.

Closed OnApr 15, 2014