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Real-Time Crime Forecasting Challenge

Department of Justice

Inviting our nation’s brightest minds to develop algorithms that advance crime forecasting.

Closed OnFeb 28, 2017

Gun Safety Technology Challenge

Department of Justice

Help us better understand the impact of gun safety technology on the reliability of firearms.

Closed OnJan 05, 2016

Data Visualization Challenge: Using Data to Improve Justice

Department of Justice

Improve understanding of criminal justice data through visualization!

Closed OnJan 30, 2015

NIJ Randomized Controlled Trial Challenge in Criminal Justice Agencies

Department of Justice

To encourage the use of Randomized Controlled Trials in the criminal justice field, NIJ is issuing this Challenge for timely and innovative RCTs that address meaningful criminal justice problems.

Closed OnJan 04, 2016

Delivering Mission-Critical Voice Communications in a Public Safety COTS LTE Environment

Department of Justice

Providing mission-critical voice communications services for law enforcement and other public safety responders within the LTE Environment using commercial-off-the-shelf technologyMake it happen!

Closed OnFeb 15, 2014


Department of Justice

Join NIJ's efforts to develop Ultra-High-Speed compatible software applications that measurably improve the efficiency and effectiveness of criminal justice and public safety services and operations!

Closed OnAug 29, 2014

Developing Strategies to Measure SORNA Implementation Costs and Public Safety Benefits

Department of Justice

NIJs SORNA Challenge seeks creative and innovative research strategies for studying (1) the implementation costs associated with complying with SORNA and/or (2) SORNAs public safety benefits

Closed OnNov 18, 2013

National Institute of Justice Body Armor Challenge: How Long Does Body Armor Really Last?

Department of Justice

There is currently no known way to determine the amount and rate of change in performance of individual body armor vests over time without ballistic testing. NIJ challenges you to solve this problem!

Closed OnDec 14, 2012

Green Corrections Challenge

Department of Justice

The Green Corrections Challenge invites stakeholders to share their innovative practices and drive competition in the field. These should be replicable programs and practices in areas such as reentry programs, facilities management/complex operations, and training programs. Leading innovations will be announced during a Green Corrections Symposium.

Closed OnNov 03, 2014