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Department of Veterans Affairs

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Gun Safety Matters Challenge

Department of Veterans Affairs

A safely stored firearm can mean the difference between a tragic outcome and a life saved.

Closed OnJan 08, 2018

The VA PseudoVet Challenge

Department of Veterans Affairs

Compete to build software for Veterans

Closed OnFeb 14, 2018

VA Center for Innovation Game Controller Adaptations for Differently-Abled Veterans

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA seeking novel ideas for ways to reassign motions and buttons on gaming controllers to provide alternative access for veterans.

Closed OnAug 27, 2015

VA Care Coordination for Improved Outcomes Challenge

Department of Veterans Affairs

Algorithms identifying redundancies, gaps, conflicts, interactions among care plans created for a single patient by different specialists/providers.

Closed OnJul 13, 2015

VA Medical Appointment Scheduling Contest

Department of Veterans Affairs

Help Veterans make appointments for VA outpatient and ambulatory care by creating systems that are compatible with Open Source VistA and help to lead health IT transformation.

Closed OnJun 13, 2013

Project REACH Mobile App Challenge

Department of Veterans Affairs

Real-time Electronic Access for Caregivers and the Homeless (REACH). Join the mobile app challenge to connect those in need to resources in their community.

Closed OnJun 01, 2012

Badges for Vets

Department of Veterans Affairs

Helping jobs find Veterans. Helping Veterans find jobs.

Closed OnFeb 20, 2012

Blue Button for All Americans

Department of Veterans Affairs

Help all Americans be able to download their health data with a Blue Button(sm) Personal Health Record

Closed OnOct 19, 2011

Veterans Health Wireless Innovation Challenge

Department of Veterans Affairs

In collaboration with the Veterans Affairs Innovation Initiative (VAi2), the West Wireless Health Institute is issuing a call to arms challenge to all innovators, bright ideaers, futurists, and all ar

Closed OnMar 16, 2011

Lifted by the Cloud: Visions of Cloud-Enhanced Accessibility

Department of Veterans Affairs

The FCC challenged the public to share visions of how cloud computing can create new opportunities for people with disabilities.

Closed OnMay 16, 2011