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General Services Administration

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G S A’s mission is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people. To date, GSA has launched seven challenge and prize competitions, ranging from video and creative challenges to open data challenges. The federal-wide challenge and prize program is also managed by GSA’s in partnership with White House Office of Science & Technology Policy and NASA’s Center for Excellence in Collaborative Innovation.

Our agency’s Office of Innovative Technologies, Government Solutions manages programs like FedRAMP,, and Take some time learn about the, home of the U.S. government’s open data, where you will find data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, and more. Read about the OIT programs and what you can do to implement these programs in your agency.

icon for innovationLeading with Innovation. GSA is a leader of innovation in public service. For example, GSA was the first government agency to move to the cloud and to offer a process to streamline security of cloud services for the entire federal government. We are promoting an innovative, flexible, open workplace that will shrink the federal footprint while also serving as a model for federal offices for the future. In the coming year, we will continue to develop innovative cost-saving solutions that will be shared across the government.


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  • Matej Dlabal
    I assume that the pdf files have been generated from a rhino or autocad file. Given that fact, would it be possible to gain access to those files, as the pdfs are useful but one can work with them only in 2d + would have to trace them in order to create one's own proper files. Thank you for a timely response.

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Student Design Competition: New San Francisco Federal Building Plaza

General Services Administration

Student design competition seeks ideas to activate the public plaza at a renowned federal building in San Francisco!

Closed OnNov 22, 2017

Grace Hopper Day Hackathon

General Services Administration

Redesign the GSA Developer Portal!

Closed OnDec 09, 2016

Government-wide Earth Day Hackathon

General Services Administration

Join us at our Government-wide Earth Day Hackathon, let's work together to keep our Earth Green and Clean.

Closed OnApr 22, 2016

Digital Innovation Hackathon Fall 2015

General Services Administration

Create innovative solutions using GSA public data

Closed OnOct 16, 2015

Digital Innovation & Strategy Hack-a-Thon

General Services Administration

Build apps, APIs & data mash-ups to drive improvements, transparency and significant savings across government.

Closed OnMay 08, 2015

GSA Travel Data Challenge

General Services Administration

Design and create an online, interactive tool that utilizes federal travel data to increase transparency and accountability

Closed OnApr 11, 2014

Help Answer the Public’s Questions Video Contest

General Services Administration challenged the public to create videos that answer common questions about government benefits and services.

Closed OnNov 02, 2011

‘Win a Usability Test’ Video Contest

General Services Administration

Want to improve your government website? Make a short video, and you could win a website test in the First Fridays Product Testing Program

Closed OnMar 10, 2012

Next Generation Design Competition

General Services Administration

Emerging designers and architects compete to turn a midcentury federal office building into a model of environmental efficiency!

Closed OnFeb 01, 2011 How Do I Become President? Challenge

General Services Administration challenged kids to create a poster that explains how to become President of the United States.

Closed OnNov 09, 2010

Public Sector Program Management – A Vision for the Future

General Services Administration

If you are creative, if you are a visionary, and if you care about good government, then the Performance Improvement Council wants to hear from you. Share with us, and the world, your vision of the future of public sector program management - and help build the government of the 21st century.

Closed OnMay 30, 2014