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Data-Driven Farming Prize

Agency for International Development

We're looking for tools and approaches that share insights from data with farmers so they can improve their productivity.

Closed OnApr 06, 2017

The Blue Economy Challenge

Agency for International Development

Join us as we reengineer aqualculture for sustainability to achieve a blue revolution for our oceans

Closed OnJun 30, 2016

Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge

Agency for International Development

Share bold and innovative science and technology solutions to stem the slaughter of the world’s wildlife.

Closed OnJun 30, 2015

Tracking & Tracing Books Prize Competition

Agency for International Development

The Tracking and Tracing Books Prize Competition seeks innovations to track books destined for early-grade classrooms and learning centers in low-income countries and allow stakeholders, ranging from parents to Ministries of Education and donor agencies, to quickly and easily access tracking information.

Closed OnApr 01, 2015

Technology to Support Education in Crisis and Conflict Settings Ideation Challenge

Agency for International Development

This Ideation Challenge is looking for technology-supported approaches to provide basic education in one or more of the following crisis or conflict situations: Health Crisis, Natural Disaster, and Conflict Zone

Closed OnMar 30, 2015

The Desal Prize: The second “call” of the Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge

Agency for International Development

The Desal Prize call for innovations is now open, and you could win up to $400K for your affordable, energy-efficient brackish water desalination technologies to be used in developing countries!

Closed OnAug 01, 2014

MODEL Algorithm Challenge: Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention 2013

Agency for International Development

USAID and Humanity United Launch the MODEL algorithm challenge, the last in The Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention series.

Closed OnSep 12, 2013

Do More Than Donate. FWD the Facts About the Famine.

Agency for International Development

Famine, war and drought have forced 13.3 million people into crisis in the eastern Horn of Africa. How will you raise awareness for this crisis in your community?

Closed OnDec 02, 2011

LAUNCH: Health

Agency for International Development

Improving the First 20 Years of Human Health

Closed OnSep 14, 2010