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Why should you participate in federal prize competitions?

Challenge.Gov Video

Video Transcript

[Narrator] Welcome to Challenge.Gov.

Why should you participate in federal prize competitions?

You can do it for the gold, guts, glory or good!

Is it the Gold?

You bet! Federal agencies pay out cash prizes directly to winners for brilliant innovations.

The federal government awards more than a hundred million dollars each year to winners of prize competitions.

How about the Guts?

There will be winners and losers – after all, these are competitions.

But Challenge.Gov is a place where you can take that risk. You might just win!

There are dozens of opportunities on Challenge.Gov right now and more are added all the time.

Seeking Glory?

See how your innovation stacks up against the competition, receive recognition, and gain respect from your peers.

And don’t forget the Good – federal prize competitions make a difference by generating innovative ideas and solutions that improve the public good.

Prize challenges have addressed important issues like: medical mask design, wheelchair accessibility, and enhanced testing for lead in children… to name just a few.

But the benefits don’t stop there. In most cases, you keep your intellectual property developed in the competition.

And it can be a powerful pathway to working with the government.

And here’s the best part: Prize challenges are open and inclusive.

Bring your diversity of thought, perspective, and ideas to catalyze true innovation.

This is your chance to shine, build your professional portfolio, win prizes, and create real impact.

So, why wait? Go to Challenge.Gov, explore all the opportunities, and find a prize challenge that motivates and inspires you today.