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Informational Only

This challenge is no longer accepting new submissions.

AHRQ Bringing Predictive Analysis to Healthcare

Can you leverage predictive analytics to help forecast healthcare utilization data?

Department of Health and Human Services - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Total Cash Prizes Offered: $225,000
Type of Challenge: Software and apps
Submission Start: 03/27/2019 12:00 AM ET
Submission End: 06/28/2019 05:00 PM ET


Problem Statement

Traditional approaches in health services research rely on rigorous methods, the availability of recent data, and peer review to assure the highest quality of analyses. However, some decision-makers must make policy decisions quickly with the current information available and cannot wait until new analyses are complete. Predictive analytics and related methods may offer a solution to balance the need for rapid information and academic rigor. While predictive analytics and related methods have been used successfully in many fields, their use to understand how healthcare is delivered is largely unexplored.

Challenge Goal

The purpose of the Predicting Health Care Utilization Challenge is to explore how predictive analytics and related methods may be applied and contribute to understanding healthcare issues, AHRQ invites applicants to use predictive analytics and related methods to estimate hospital inpatient utilization for: (1) the U.S. overall, (2) the four U.S. Census Regions, and (3) selected medical conditions. Building on AHRQ’s current data infrastructure, AHRQ will provide approved applicants customized analytic files that includes hospital inpatient discharge data for several years.




One grand prize winner will receive $100,000. The 2nd place winner will receive $75,000 and the 3rd place winner will receive $50,000.


Additional Challenge information as well as the submission page is found at:

For questions about the challenge, please email

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria can be found at the Challenge website.

How To Enter

Additional challenge information as well as the submission page is found at:

For questions about the challenge, please email