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Informational Only

This challenge is no longer accepting new submissions.

Air Force Turbine Prize

A $2M prize is being established for the development of a turboshaft engine that can demonstrating 2x the fuel efficiency of today’s small turbines and 3x the power-to-weight of a typical aviation piston engine, all in a turbine package that holds the promise of longevity and durability.

Department of Defense

Total Cash Prizes Offered: $2,000,000
Type of Challenge: Scientific
Submission Start: 05/27/2015 12:00 AM ET
Submission End: 09/01/2018 04:00 PM ET

This challenge is externally hosted.

You can view the challenge details here:


A successful engine must demonstrate the following:   WHILE OPERATING ON STANDARD JET A FUEL ... Complete two run profiles of several hours each on an Air Force engine test stand   IN THE 100 bhp (74.57 kW) CLASS ... 50 bhp < max continuous output < 150 bhp (37.3 kW < max continuous output < 112 kW)   WITH A POWER-TO-WEIGHT RATIO ≥ 2.0 bhp/lb(wet installed weight) (3.29 kW/kg(wet installed weight))   DEMONSTRATE A BRAKE-SPECIFIC FUEL CONSUMPTION (BSFC) OF 0.5 lbmfuel/bhp-hr (0.3kgfuel/kW) or lower, at max continuous power and, 0.59 lbmfuel/bhp-hr (0.36 kgfuel/kW) or lower, at 50% of max continuous power   Corrections will be applied to compensate for variability in ambient conditions during testing.   The official test procedures and Prize guidelines will include additional details and clarification of Prize requirements and how those performance standards will be measured.


Cash Prize Amount: $2000000

Judging Criteria

Submitted engine will be performance tested on Air Force engine test stand.