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Boldline – P3 Cohort 1

About the Challenge
Join the first cohort to develop your public-private partnership.

Posted By: Department of State, Department of State / Boldline Accelerator
Category: Ideas
Skill: Ideas Submission Dates: 12 a.m. ET, Oct 25, 2017 - 11:59 p.m. ET, Nov 29, 2017

What is Boldline?

Boldline is the U.S. Department of State’s new partnership accelerator aimed to support and scale innovative public-private partnerships (P3s).    One of the first programs of its kind, Boldline supports social good public-private partnerships that address pressing global challenges and focuses on giving them tools to scale their missions. The main goal of Boldline is to build and deploy strategic connections and collaborations aimed at: a) strengthening the global partnership building ecosystem; b) promoting and facilitating connectivity between the private sector and governments; and c) fostering innovative partnership business models.  Boldline will take the often dotted lines between government, private sector and civil society and create a bold line between the sectors through partnerships.


The U.S. Department of State in close collaboration with industry leaders will organize a one-week partnership building accelerator program that will bring together selected stakeholders of public-private partnerships, including public institutions, corporations, innovation companies, entrepreneurship support organizations, and financial institutions to galvanize interest for the participating partnerships and to help build the framework for these partnerships in targeted countries.  The program will identify timely P3s that are in the early development stages of their partnerships or are ready to scale their operations and activities. Through a one week accelerator and ongoing support, Boldline will provide the individuals and institutions behind these partnerships with mentorship, access to resources, government relations, and global networks needed to scale their impact. The accelerator will take place in February 2018 in Washington, DC and participation in the program will be highly competitive.


The U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships is a center of excellence for collaboration between the U.S. Department of State, the public and private sectors, and civil society.  The Office aims to strengthen and deepen U.S. diplomacy and development around the world through partnerships that leverage the creativity, innovation, and core business resources of partners for greater impact.  The Department recognizes that it takes more than governments to address many global issues and believes that partnerships with the private sector, civil society, philanthropy and other non-governmental organizations are necessary for our national security and diplomacy objectives.


Judging Criteria

Impact - 20%

Impact: Are there significant needs for your product or service? Does the partnership address an important problem or critical barrier to progress in society? Does it go beyond one-country? Does it have the potential to further scale? Will it impact the well-being of people and enhance life or livelihoods? If an already existing partnership, please provide metrics of impact.

Innovation - 20%

Does the submission seek to shift current paradigms by utilizing novel approaches, methodologies, services or interventions to create a changed environment? Is your partnership proposal novel in a broad sense?

Feasibility - 20%

Is the proposal reasonable, resourceful, and feasible? Is the proposing organization committed to making the partnership successful? Is the entire organization committed to the partnership? A successful proposal will improve upon existing policies, practices, strategies, and leverage existing or emerging technologies. It will offer creative solutions to possible funding and resource constraints if applicable. It can be implemented within 1-3 years.

Relevance to U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities - 20%

Is the proposal within the framework of U.S. foreign policy interests? Proposals should explain how the partnership will directly impact U.S. global leadership and competitiveness, national security, and/or sustained U.S. economic growth and job creation. A successful proposal will be understood by and persuasive to both government stakeholders and lay audiences alike in its written and oral communication.

Collaboration - 20%

Is the proposal collaborative in its approach to the problem or issue and/or proposed solution? Is a partnership feasible for this effort? A successful proposal will involve team members and stakeholder engagement and support from across sectors of government and non-government.

How to Enter

Proposals Submissions Must Include:

Name of Organization Submitting Partnership:

Full address and postal code:

For profit or not for profit:

Industry affiliation (ie. Health care, aviation, energy):

Links to biographies of the participants or LinkedIn profiles (preferable):

Has your organization partner with the U.S. Government? Describe.

What stage is your partnership business plan (new idea, existing program going to scale):


Proposal Information:

Problem Statement (250 words max): Describe the problem you are trying to solve and any relevant background information. Address the impact and innovation potential of your idea given the status quo.



Idea (250 words max): What is the core concept for the partnership?  How will working in a partnership obtain the outcome that is required?  How does this align to U.S. interests?



Resource Requirements (250 words max): Describe what is needed to implement your idea (resources, stakeholder buy-in, legal requirements, etc.). Address the feasibility of your idea.



Best Potential Partners (250 words max): Describe ideal partners (from 2-10) or types of partners that would make for a successful partnership.



Ideal End State (150 words max): Describe what success will look like with the implementation of your idea. Address the impact of your idea and its innovation potential.



16 Discussions for "Boldline – P3 Cohort 1"

  • Eric N Ufom
    Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities International Inc applied for P3 training and we are yet to receive acknowledgement letter or letter that we were among those selected. Please update. Thanks Chief Eric Ndubueze Ufom

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    Jim Thompson
    Thank you everyone for your participation in Boldline. We received over 50 applications for our first cohort and we were impressed with the ideas and concepts presented. We are pleased to announce our first cohort: American Spaces as 21st Century Diplomacy Hubs Deloitte Consulting LLP Blockchain to End Forced Labor U.S. Department of State Lake Kivu Coffee Alliance for Victims of Conflict in DR Congo U.S. Department of State OneBeat Music Diplomacy Found Sound Nation The International Gaming Academy Pilot Program Facebook The Ocean Foundation’s International Ocean Acidification Initiative Women in Science (WiSci) Girls’ STEAM Camp Girl Up Cervical Cancer Mortality Reduction in Low and Middle Income Countries Johnson and Johnson US-Brazil Collaboration on Energy Renewables 100 Policy Institute We look forward to hearing from all of the applicants as you build your partnerships and encourage you to apply again. Best regards, Jim Thompson #Boldline

    • Reply
      Andy Mahler
      Hi Jim, It would be interesting to see the applications that were selected. Is there a plan to do that? Thanks Andy

  • Asnee Fernando
    Hi, I applied for the challenge, but i never recieved and email confirmation, also I don't see my company in the solution section.

  • Daniel Oerther
    For those attempting to complete a submission at this time, I found that when I deleted my attached file, I was able to upload via a cut and paste into the discussion window. Not the best work around - as clearly something has gone wrong with the attached file option - but at least you can upload your materials. Best of luck to all!

  • Daniel Oerther
    Similar to others on the discussion board, the site appears unable to accept submissions although the deadline has not been reached. Very disappointed that the technology is working poorly. Do you have a suggestion for how to submit since your web site isn't working? Thanks!

  • Geeta Raj
    Hello there, we are also trying to submit but the system is showing that the submission period is closed. It's 7:22pm on November 29 and the deadline is 11:59pm on November 29. Are you able to help? Thank you.

  • Brenda Rios
    Dear Boldline staff, We are also having trouble submitting by today. I see the deadline is today at 11:59 PM, but somehow the submission button says that it's now closed. Could you please look into?

  • Show Replies [+]
    Here are some questions that we have received, and answers that may be of interest to the broader solver community: 1) How can the accelerator program increase visibility and impact for a partnership? The accelerator is an opportunity to build a new partnership or strategically plan to expand a partnership. The participants will be part of a cohort of private sector, public sector, philanthropy and civil society groups that may also find some synergy in working together. There will be mentoring from the Department's partnership network and an opportunity to pitch your partnership at Global Partnerships Week on March 5, 2018. The Secretary's Office of Global Partnerships will also be discussing the participants and their partnerships through our normal social media channels. 2) Who is your target audience for the week-long accelerator training in February 2018? It wasn't clear to me from the website whether the training is for one person from a partnership or all the partners. We anticipate that a small team (2-3) of the proposing organization and/or a partner will participate in the week long accelerator. - Does the same person need to attend the entire week, or can offices tag team who attends the training so no one has to leave the office for a full week? We are asking for a one-week commitment from the participants. - Is the training all day for an entire week? The training will take place all day with ample time for networking and breaks to conduct business. - Does the program include follow-up advice after the training? Yes, we anticipate following up with all of the participants and having them as part of our broader network. 3) What is the cost of the training/accelerator program, if any? There is no cost to the participation in the program. Participants will however have to self fund to be in Washington, D.C. and lodging and per diem expenses will not be covered by the Department.

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Instructions for Proposal Submission

Proposals are due by 11:59 PM (EDT) on November 29, 2017.

 Proposal Requirements:

 Your proposal should include the following:

  • Proposing organization information (noted below in Section E)
  • Problem Statement (250 words max)
  • Idea or Scalable Partnership (250 words max)
  • Resource Requirements (250 words max)
  • Best Potential Partners (no more than 10)
  • Ideal End State (150 words max)

Questions about the challenge will be answered in the discussion board.

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