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Congressional App Challenge – NY-25 – Rep. Slaughter

About the Challenge
A congressional coding challenge for U.S. high school students

Posted By: House of Representatives
Category: Software/Apps
Submission Dates: 12 p.m. ET, Nov 09, 2015 - 3 p.m. ET, Jan 21, 2016 Judging Dates: Jan 22, 2016 - Feb 12, 2016 Winners Announced: Feb 22, 2016


New York, District 25 (NY-25) is represented by Rep. Louise M. Slaughter.

Please fill out this contact form so your Representative can contact you with updates about the Challenge.


The Congressional App Challenge is a competition aimed at encouraging U.S. high school students to learn how to code by creating their own applications. The Challenge is intended to highlight the value of computer science and STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

The House of Representatives knows how crucial these skills are and wants to encourage students to engage in these fields. By encouraging and recognizing our nation’s young programming talent, Congress hopes to shine a light on the growing importance of these skills.

Please note that this competition is open to all students, regardless of coding experience. We strongly encourage students of all skill levels to participate, to learn how to create their own apps.


Judging Criteria

Quality of the Idea

How creative is the app? How original is it? Does the app address a problem? If so, how creative is the solution?

Implementation of the Idea

Did the student consider the user experience? Did the student give thought to the app design?

Demonstrated Excellence of Coding and Programming Skills

Did the student display understanding of the tools they were using? Did the student demonstrate they had learned about how to code?

How to Enter


Summary of How to Enter:

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Register on
  3. Make sure you’re on the right challenge page
  4. Fill out this form with your contact information
  6. Submit your app and a demonstration video explaining what it does
  7. Fill out the exit questionnaire


Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Congressional App Challenge, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must reside or attend school in a district with a participating Representative.
  • You must be 13 years of age by or on November 9, 2015.
  • You must be eligible to attend school in the district in which you’re competing. (If you attend school in a different district than the one in which you reside, you may compete in either district, but you may only submit an app in one district.)
  • If you are competing in a team: at least two of the students in your team must reside or attend school in the district in which you are competing.


Step 2: Register on is the platform that hosts our app submissions. Though you can see all the challenges that are posted on without registering, you must actually register in order to submit your own app. The registration process should only take 2 or 3 minutes.


Step 3: Make sure you’re on the right District’s Challenge page

Every Member of Congress has their own unique Challenge page, and you need to make sure to find the correct one. You can double-check what district you live in, here.

Once you’ve registered on, you can search for your District’s Challenge in the search bar on the top right of the website window. Make sure you’re on the correct page!


Step 4: Submit Contact Information

Please fill out this form with your name and contact information. The Internet Education Foundation will use this information to make sure that you are eligible and that you are competing in the correct District. It should take no more than 2 minutes.


Step 5: CREATE!

Once you’re all signed up, you can move ahead with creating your app!

You must also create a 1-4 minute Demonstration Video, which you can post on vimeo or youtube. Your video should outline:

  • What your app does;
  • What tools you used to create your app; and
  • How your app works;

Please note that your entry is likely to be judged in its entirety based on this video. It is important to demonstrate the scope and quality of your application in this video. The video should be no more than four minutes in length.


Step 6: Submit Your App and Demonstration Video

Once your app is done, you can submit it on your district’s page on by clicking “Submit Solution” on the left-hand side of the screen.


If you are submitting your app as an individual, your submission should include:

  • The title of your app
  • The link to your Demonstration Video (paste the link into the “External URL” field.)
  • A short description of what your app does.


If you are creating an app as part of a team, only one team member needs to submit the app on When you submit the app, include:

  • The title of your app. Include “(Team Project)” after the title.
  • The link to your Demonstration Video (paste the link into the “External URL” field.)
  • A short description of what your app does. After the description, list out all your teammates’ names.


You can submit your app any time from November 9th, 2015 until 11:59 pm EST, January 15, 2016.


Step 7: Fill out the Exit Questionnaire

After you’ve submitted your app on, we will email you a final questionnaire. You must fill out this questionnaire for your app to be evaluated; it’s the final step required for your submission to be complete.


Best App The winners of the Congressional App Challenge will be recognized and honored by their Member of Congress. They'll have their app displayed on the Congressional App Challenge website, and winners will also have their apps exhibited on a digital display in the Capitol Building for the year following the conclusion of the Challenge.

Add to the Discussion

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PC Builder
My app allows a user to pick from a list of mainstream computer parts and get an average cost of
MediCALL App Submission
This app is designed to replace the standard call button system in medical facilities to improve
Live Wire Puzzle Game
Team members: Mason Grimes, Nate Morse, Tianyu “Michael” Liu (From Allendale C
Random Name Generator
The app that I created is a random name generator, I created this app for writers that need a nam
The Ringer
Have you ever left your phone down for a minute missed a phone call and not even knew you got one
Congressional App Challenge Project
Our app that we did was a calculator app that calculated simple math equations. Some math equatio
Alarm Clock app
This is a basic alarm clock as mentioned in the video. You set a time, and a notification occurs
I created this app because I swim for my school team and when swimming an event in practice or a
Trinary Translator (Team Project)
Enter a message to be translated in the first box. Each letter is then converted to a three digit
Social Escape
My app allows the user to choose a contact and a message (presaved or recordable), and the app wi
Color wheel 2.01a
This app is a color wheel used to present the colors of the image in RGB content.
simple 4 function calculator, user input, easy to use.
Alarm Clock
  This alarm clock features stylish graphics and the ability to input the name and ti
iCloset makes it so people can sort through all their clothing virtually on their phone making an
Top 5 Facts about Louise Slaughter
An app telling the top 5 Facts about Louise Slaughter.
Our app is a audio recorder that allows the user to record audio and then play it back.
Start or Sit
This beautifully crafted app focuses on obtaining the perfect fantasy football lineup every week
Workout Randomizer
MVI_0132 This gloriously and beautifully designed app allows you to gain your perfect body
TRee SIMulator
Get Real with this authentic highly accurate 2D HD tree growing simulator! Grow trees without the
MVI_0143 The calculator
Farm Animal Sounds
This app is meant as an educational tool for small children but it also doubles as a distraction
MLG Browser
This app trolls your friends into thinking they have an insanely fast browser for their mobile de
“DownMid” is an introductory app for beginning paintball players. It gives descriptio
Simulates an epic quest following a group

This competition is designed to encourage U.S. high school students to pursue skills in computer science. We welcome students of all skill levels.


First Steps:

Here is the summary of the steps students must take to submit their applications to the Congressional App Challenge: (for more detail, return to the main Challenge page.)

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Register on
  3. Make sure you’re on the right challenge page
  4. Fill out this form with your contact information
  5. CREATE YOUR APP! Create a video explaining what your app does.
  6. Go to “Submit Solution” to submit the Demonstration Video explaining what your app does and how you made it (no more than 4 minutes).
  7. Fill out the exit questionnaire, which we will email you after you submit your app.



Students must meet the following requirements to participate:

  • Students may only compete in a district with a participating Member of Congress.
  • Students may compete in the Congressional District in which they reside OR in which they attend high school, but they may only submit an app in one district.
  • Students must be 13 on, or by, November 9, 2015 to compete in the Congressional App Challenge.


What Do I need to Submit?

To submit your app, go to “Submit Solution” on the left-hand side of the page. A complete submission from an individual or a team consists of the following:

  • The title of your app. If you are on a team, include “(Team Project)” after the title. 
  • 1-4 minute Demonstration Video. In this video, explain what your app does, why you created it, and how you did it. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, and then paste the link into the “External URL” field on
  • A short description of your app. In the “Description” field, explain what your app does in a paragraph or two. If you are submitting an app as part of a team, please list all the team member names following the description of your step 7 step 7 app.
  • Completion of Exit Questionnaire. An exit questionnaire will be emailed to the student(s) following submission of the app. All students must complete this questionnaire before their submission is considered complete.



Students are allowed to participate as individuals, or in teams of up to four (4) students.

If you’re submitting an app as a team, all members of the team must fill out the eligibility form, but only one student needs to submit the app on When the student submits the team’s app, they should put “(Team Project)” behind the title of their app, and they must include the names of all their team members in the “Description” field. All students will also need to complete the exit questionnaire after the app is submitted.


Submission Dates:

The Congressional App Challenge is open from November 9, 2015 through January 15, 2016. The Challenge submission period will be closed at 11:59 pm EST on January 15, 2016, after which no more submissions will be accepted.


App Requirements: 

  • Platform: Students are allowed to create any type of app they like, on any platform they choose.
  • Previously Created Apps: Students are allowed to submit apps that they created for other programs or projects, as long as that app was created within one calendar year of January 15, 2016.
  • Submissions must:
    • Be original;
    • Be solely owned by Contestant such that no other party has any rights or interest, whether known or unknown.
  • Submissions must not:
    • Be indecent, defamatory, in obvious bad taste, demonstrate a lack of respect for public morals or conduct or adversely affects the reputation of congressional district:
    • Be illegal under applicable laws;
    • Depict hatred, defame, threaten a specific community in the society or incite violence;
    • Contain vulgar language or violence; or
    • Contain pornography, obscenity or sexual activity.
    • Violate the Intellectual Property, common law or privacy rights of other parties.
  • Students may only submit ONE app:
    • Students may only submit one app. If a student lives in a different District than the one in which they reside, they may submit the app in either District, but they may only submit it to one competition. Similarly, a student may submit the app as part of a team OR as an individual, but they may only submit one.
    • If students are participating on a team, at least two (2) of the students must live or attend high school in the District in which they are competing.
    • You can double-check what district you live in, here.
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