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Informational Only

This challenge is no longer accepting new submissions.

Metadata Automation DREAM Challenge

Join this Cancer Moonshot-supported challenge to automate and harmonize the metadata annotation of structured data.

Department of Health and Human Services - National Institutes of Health

Type of Challenge: Scientific
Submission Start: 01/14/2020 ET
Submission End: 04/24/2020 ET

This challenge is externally hosted.

You can view the challenge details here:


This challenge is supported by funding through the Cancer Moonshot℠. Solutions are critical to enabling researchers to explore new ways of reducing the burden of metadata annotation and aid in advancing discoveries across differing collections, formats, and tools within National Cancer Institute (NCI) initiatives, such as the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons.

Drs. James Eddy and Thomas Schaffter will lead a webinar and panel session about the Metadata Automation DREAM Challenge on January 30 at 12:00 p.m. ET. The webinar will provide an overview of the Challenge requirements and logistics. The panel session will include Challenge organizers:

  • Dr. Eric Johnson Chavarria
  • Dr. Gilberto Fragoso
  • Dr. Denise Warzel

Attend the Webinar

Register for the webinar here. Questions posted in this discussion forum will be addressed during the virtual event.