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Preventing Childhood Obesity

About the Challenge
Create an innovation to promote healthy weight for children & families.

Posted By: Health Resources and Services Administration
Category: Ideas
Skill: Software/Apps Interest: Health Submission Dates: 12 a.m. ET, Jun 08, 2018 - 12 a.m. ET, Oct 15, 2019

The Preventing Childhood Obesity Challenge will award $375,000 in prizes to support the creation of low-cost, scalable tech innovations to promote healthy weight for low-income children and families within the context of their communities.

The challenge is one component of a four-part Grand Challenge program coordinated by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, part of the Health Resources & Services Administration.

Potential areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Promoting access to healthy, affordable food;
  • Supporting community-owned solutions that increase families’ knowledge and skills related to healthy eating and nutrition;
  • Finding innovative ways that increase physical activity, such as gamification, while accounting for environmental barriers to physical activity in underserved communities; and
  • Empowering families to achieve healthy eating practices, healthy lifestyles, and sustainable changes in the home environment, while accounting for limited access to healthy foods in under-resourced communities.

Send any inquiries to

Sonia Arteaga, PhD
LCDR Eileen Bosso, MPH
Laura Kavanagh, MPP
Judging Criteria

Phase 1: Accessibility

Is the proposed innovation able to be easily utilized by families of diverse economic, social, and cultural backgrounds?

Phase 1: Measurability

How easily will the proposed innovation be evaluated in order to determine its efficacy (in both lab testing and in the real world)? Is the proposed innovation measurable among various audiences?

Phase 1: Sustainability

Does the proposed intervention compel users to utilize the technology often and/or for long periods of time? Does it fit into usual family and/or community routines? Is it engaging for users?

Phase 1: Impact

Does the applicant present a theory or explanation of how the proposed innovation would promote healthy weight behaviors and/or access to healthy food?

Prizes $375,000.00

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To be eligible to win a prize under this Challenge, an individual or entity:

  • Shall have registered to participate in the competition under the rules promulgated by the Health Resources and Services Administration and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Shall have complied with all the requirements under this section.
  • In the case of a private entity, shall be incorporated and maintain a primary place of business in the United States and in the case of an individual, whether participating singly or in a group, shall be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • May not be a federal entity or federal employee acting within the scope of their employment.
  • Shall not be an HHS employee working on their applications or submissions during assigned duty hours.
  • May not be employees of HRSA or any other company, organization, or individual involved with the design, production, execution, judging, or distribution of the Challenge and their immediate family (spouse, parents and step-parents, siblings and step-siblings, and children and step-children) and household members (people who share the same residence at least three (3) months out of the year).
  • Federal grantees may not use federal funds to develop COMPETES Act Challenge applications unless consistent with the purpose of their grant award.
  • Federal contractors may not use federal funds from a contract to develop COMPETES Act Challenge applications or to fund efforts in support of a COMPETES Act Challenge submission.
  • An individual or entity shall not be deemed ineligible because the individual or entity used federal facilities or consulted with federal employees during a competition if the facilities and employees are made equitably available to all individuals and entities participating in the competition.
  • Entrants must agree to assume any and all risks and waive claims against the Federal Government and its related entities, except in the case of willful misconduct, for any injury, death, damage, or loss of property, revenue, or profits, whether direct, indirect, or consequential, arising from participation in this prize contest, whether the injury, death, damage, or loss arises through negligence or otherwise.
  • Winners for Phase I must agree to use a portion of their winnings to travel to the Washington, DC, area to compete in the Demo Day for Phase II. Winners for Phase II must agree to use a portion of their winnings to compete in the Demo Day for Phase III.
  • Entrants must also agree to indemnify the Federal Government against third-party claims for damages arising from or related to competition activities.
  • The government will not select as a winner an individual who is currently on the Excluded Parties List.

Additional Information

  • No HHS or HRSA logo—The intervention must not use HHS or HRSA logos or official seals in the submission, and must not claim endorsement.
  • General Conditions: HRSA reserves the right to cancel, suspend, and/or modify the Contest, or any part of it, for any reason, at HRSA’s sole discretion.
  • Must have entered a submission on (“the Challenge website”) under the entry form section.
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