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Informational Only

This challenge is no longer accepting new submissions.

Virtual Reality Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) Design Challenge

We are seeking to rapidly innovate and prototype a virtual reality platform for providing education and training in the organization, functions, and operations of an Air & Space Operations Center (AOC).

Department of Defense - Air Force

Type of Challenge: Software and apps; Ideas; Virtual Reality; Analytics, Visualizations and algorithms; Scientific
Partner Agencies | Federal: Air University
Partner Agencies | Non-federal: MGMWERX
Submission Start: 09/10/2019 04:00 AM ET
Submission End: 10/18/2019 12:59 AM ET


We need your innovative solutions! The advent of realistic simulations via Virtual Reality technologies, presents excellent opportunities to conduct more effective education and training in a wide array of applications. We are looking for your concept for an educational environment created in a Virtual Reality workspace to provide Air Force students a basic understanding of the organization, component functions, and operations of an AOC. The immediate objective is to create a prototype virtual reality application which achieves the key training and educational outcomes, while demonstrating the art of the possible with respect to the efficacy of VR in training and education. Detailed graphic artistry is not required at this initial stage. The goal of this particular Design Challenge process is to award contract(s) to develop and deploy a working prototype of a VR AOC educational environment for use at the Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL, as well as across the Air Force.

Posting a Solution

Solutions can be submitted between the start and end dates published below.  Late solutions will not be allowed and only solutions submitted on the Challenge submission site will be accepted for consideration.  The submission platform requires a written summary of your concept, which will be visible or “open” to any registered user of the submission platform.  There is a link provided in the submission section to upload your White Paper to a location that is only visible to the USAF customer and MGMWERX.  No information that is declared to be proprietary information will be made public, unless posted in a public field on the submission form.

  • Solutions Phase Start:  9/10/2019 @ 15:00 AM CST
  • Solutions Phase End:  10/17/2019 @ 11:59 PM CST

USAF Review, Selection, and Invitation

During this phase, a team of USAF customers will review solution proposals.  The top solution(s) meeting the specified requirements will be invited to participate in a design sprint phase beginning in late October 2019.

  • Selection Phase Start: 10/18/2019
  • Selection Phase End: 10/24/2019

Design Sprint

During this phase, invited solution providers will participate in a design workshop to refine the product specifications.  Competitors will have the opportunity to refine their design, based on revised specifications, and at the end of this phase, will pitch their updated design.  The deliverable at this stage is a shell of the software product to demonstrate the look and feel of the anticipated product, along with a detailed White Paper to thoroughly describe the planned features of the design.  At the end of this Design Sprint phase, the USAF customer team will review the updated designs and select a single provider or team of vendors to develop the prototype.

  • Design Sprint Phase Start:  10/25/2019
  • Design Sprint Phase End:  11/08/2019

Prototype Generation Phase

During this phase, the selected vendor will be compensated to create the prototype of the Virtual Education in AOC Operations product.

  • Prototype Generation Phase Start: 11/12/2019
  • Prototype Generation Phase End: 1/31/2020


  • A chance to secure funding for prototype and experimentation
  • A chance to secure a government contract
  • A chance to promote your work with the USAF as a collaborator and/or customer
  • Official recognition for your company or idea
  • You will be helping the USAF and improving the operational effectiveness of the people that keep us safe


Additional information as well as the submission page is found at:

Judging Criteria

During this phase, a team of USAF customers will review solution proposals.  The top solution(s) meeting the specified requirements will be invited to participate in a design sprint phase beginning in late October 2019.

  • Selection Phase Start:  10/18/2019
  • Selection Phase End:  10/24/2019

Additional Judging Criteria can be found at the Challenge website.

How To Enter

Those proposing solutions should submit their white papers by way of our challenge website.