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NIST Seeks Futuristic Ideas for Public Safety Communications

Join us to help inspire Americans everywhere in developing the Public Safety communications technology of tomorrow with a Video series about the #PSprizes Crowdsourcing Competitions.

Do you and your team have a creative approach to video design? Can you engage an audience of science and technology solvers through unique messaging and videos? The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) team is looking for innovators to develop video concepts, pitches and actual videos that will encourage a futuristic and inspirational approach to improving public safety communications technology and help first responders save citizen lives. The driving motivation of these videos will be to “excite and inform!” by using — live-action, animated, CGI, or a mix thereof — cinematography to effectively engage the audience and communicate the research opportunities at PSCR (Public Safety Communications Research).

If interested, go to the link on to register and participate in this one of kind challenge with the possibility of winning up to $100k in prize money. The PSCR Innovation Accelerator is spearheading R&D of next-generation technology over the next several years and these videos will be designed to encourage any person —  team, entrepreneur, inventor, or company — to contribute their ideas and help NIST solve public safety technology challenges.

This Challenge is also posted here on  It’s being launched by NIST and their Public Safety Open Innovation Accelerator.

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