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How the Founding Fathers Pioneered Crowdsourcing Competitions in the United States

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It’s March 24, 1792. An announcement, no bigger than your average classified ad, appears in a Philadelphia newspaper. It offers $500 and a piece of land in the District of Columbia to the person who can come up with the best design for a capitol building for a new nation. The designer of the second-best proposal will receive $250 or a medal. The nation, of course, was the United States, and the idea for the competition came from then Secr... Continue reading
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A Medical Bill You Can Understand — Yes, Please!

A Medical Bill You Can Understand — Yes, Please! PrizeWire blog post image.
If you’re like us, any time you visit the doctor, you end up with a mish-mash of billing information. It seems to come from everywhere -- the doctor’s office, the insurance company, through the mail, over the phone, and so on. And if you’re like any of us, you take it all in and say out loud (to no one in particular), “Why do they make this so difficult?” Well, here’s your chance to make it easy -- for yourselves and everyone... Continue reading
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Teams Respond to Challenge with Ideas for Futuristic Memorials

Teams Respond to Challenge with Ideas for Futuristic Memorials PrizeWire blog post image.
Over the next century, rising sea levels could have a big impact on the way we live. But even if neighborhoods and entire cities disappear, they could live on in a Memorial for Future Lost Cities in Washington D.C., so says one of the semi-finalists in the Memorials for the Future challenge. The National Park Service (NPS), National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) and Van Alen Institute recently announced the finalists in the competi... Continue reading
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