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About the Solution

Once verification participants have been selected, we utilize numerous methods of personal contact.

(1) Hope we find the family on the state Direct Certification list.  Maybe they were approved for benefits after their application was approved and they didn’t let us know.

(2) telephone them to alert them to items being mailed

(3) email them to alert them to items being mailed

(4) USPS mail the verification selection information

(5) send a copy of verification selection information home with the youngest student in the family selected (less chances for a young child to rummage through their take-home folder)

**** Cross our fingers, wait for responses.  Those who ignore us:

(6) Receive another telephone call asking them to send the information back, explain what happens if they do not

(7) Receive another letter via USPS alerting them to pending changes to student status

(8) Involve Student Services in hopes they have better ways of contacting the family

(9) Involve the Principal — sometimes a telephone call from the Principal can be motivating

(10) In my past, I’ve met a verification participant to pick up information the family just couldn’t seem to get returned by other means.

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