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ANG-NEI-3D-ROC Application

About the Solution


In response to the NEI-3D-ROC Idea Competition Challenge, we provide description of three major idea Strategies: I] taking Organoid and Multicellular Spheroid Models to the next level by incorporation of a new media circulatory system, II] provide new alternative method to improve advanced 3D cell culture system addressing the gaps where organoids potentially fail, III] describe new retinal architecture layering for problems unsolvable with I and II. These advances are independent, complementary, interconnected, and feasible combinations of already published methods with customized new protocols. The introduced strategies are capable of generating physiological retinal architecture, modeling multiple diseases, and can be utilized as convenient high throughput drug screening platforms. Our innovation and intellectual property (IP) is relevant to all “3D culture/organ systems” not just “Eye”. It is protected by provisional patent applications (pending). No confidential information provided at idea description level, detailed protocols will be shared/available for research when our solutions are selected for further implementation as a winner.

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