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Crunch Time – Fast Food Wait Times

About the Solution

Want to grab a quick bite? Crunched for time?

That’s where Crunch Time comes in. It’s a wait time collection app that takes wait times from people everywhere, and averages it to give you the most accurate wait time.

Anyone can submit a wait time for any location.


– Searchable locations by Name or Type
e.g. “Chick-fil-A” or “Coffee”

– Map view to easily see where the place is
Pin annotation with Apple Maps interface

– Easy to read wait time indicator
Green = Good, Orange = Okay, Red = Bad

– Real time averaging
Updates posted within seconds

– Accurate time information
If a wait time is older than an hour, it’s deleted

– Powered by Parse
Powerful background jobs to ensure quickness

Crunch Time is sure to help your lunch time dilemmas!


Crunch Time was developed using Xcode 7, Swift 2.0, and

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