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DOE-EV Everywhere -SustainableAmerica

About the Solution

The mark we’ve created makes reference to multiple elements of plug-in electric vehicles. Primarily, the simplified lightning bolt shape is a symbol of electricity and energy, built with shapes which are representational of E and V letterforms. The 3 horizontal lines that make up the “E” signify the 3 stages of the DOE’s efforts for this initiative: research, development, and deployment. Whether presented in one color, black and white, or full color, this simple mark can be easily reproduced at any size — from pixel-scale to billboards.

The shield enclosing the mark implies authority and security while also conveying  stability and sustainability. Additionally, the shield is a nod to US interstate signs, reinforcing the idea of EVs being “everywhere.” Be it consciously or subconsciously, this iconic shield shape is recognizable to the American driver.

The color green is synonymous with our environment and sustainability; it is the most common color found in the natural world. Green evokes feelings which are directly in line with this initiative: trust, accessibility, balance, vitality; and of course, green is commonly used as the color of highway signs.


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