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Echo – Empowered Students Become Leaders of Tomorrow

About the Solution

Echo is an iOS app that I created in the summer of 2015 as part of a coding program. I spent 8 weeks building, coding, and polishing Echo – a platform that aims to give students a say in what happens at their school by allowing them to submit ideas and solutions to problems in their school community. Echo enables students to work together to collaboratively improve aspects of their school and brainstorm solutions. When a student submits a post to their school group, another student can support their post by echoing it. The popular feed shows the posts in order of how many echoes they have.

I coded Echo and the many features implemented, such as echoing, commenting, flagging, deleting, and more, to enable students to have a voice in their school community. I saw a fundamental problem in my society, in that students weren’t getting as much out of their education because they were not allowed or chose not to voice their opinions and think creatively about how to better their school. I created Echo with the hopes of allowing everyone’s voice to be heard, therefore making high school a much more enjoyable experience.


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