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Get On It! Apply Early, Eat Healthy and Get Technology Smart

About the Solution

The On It Foundation is a national public 501 (c)(3) non-profit whose Mission provides free computers and STEM education to K-12 students that receive a free or reduced school lunch and attends a public/home school within the United States. All programs and services are at no-cost to our recipients.

To qualify for our programs, our recipients must be approved USDA school lunch participants. Therefore, our community outreach involves promoting our mission of free (if available) or discounted computers as an ‘Incentive Method’ for early enrollment and verification to those that qualify in the USDA school lunch program. Our organization also provides other educational programs at no cost to our recipients, such as Tutoring, STEM events, Robotics, Coding and Computer Training.  We also provide bilingual marketing tools to reach our Creo, Spanish, and French participants. However, to qualify for the free (if available) or discounted computer, the Parent must verify their USDA response early and on-time annually! With such a great deal, our recipients are steadily increasing thus impacting the early USDA school lunch application enrollment and verification process.

In Summary:

1.) To increase the verification response rate, our organization utilizes an ‘Incentive Method’.

2.) ‘Incentive Method’: Participants that respond will qualify for a free (if available) or discounted computer and/or Internet service. Participants may also qualify for free programs and services such as Tutoring, STEM educational events, Coding, Computer Training etc.

3.) Participants will send their approved USDA school lunch approved certification to our office to qualify for a free (if available) or discounted computer. The participant will then go to our computer website to review our product listings:  Please note that our free computers are based on donated availability which are not guaranteed. Discounted computers are $99 for those with approved USDA school lunch certifications.  All proceeds benefit our K-12 recipients and their families. Participants are required to renew annually for free products, programs and services.

3 Discussions for "Get On It! Apply Early, Eat Healthy and Get Technology Smart"

  • What a great idea and opportunity for our students!!! I currently have a flyer with "Why should I apply for Meal Benefits?" and this piece will fit right in. I would like to get more information on how this district promoted this program. Please, I would like to get in touch with this school district.

  • Asuncion Los Banos
    Well my comment got cut off, but I would include this incentive. After verification has been checked and the student continued to qualify for free/reduced a written letter already typed will be enclosed so that they just need to sign and mail the letter. I would include a pre-stamped envelope.

  • Asuncion Los Banos
    This is a great incentive! I didn't know this foundation existed. This is a wonderful opportunity for households who cannot afford a computer. Our students are lucky enough to receive their own Chromebooks, at no cost. I would add this incentive information on the Verification Flyer notifying households that they have been selected for verification. A little verbiage in the bottom of the flyer stating "Jump On It! A response from you can help you qualify for a free, refurbished computer for

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