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MyProctor SAT Prep: Test, Track, Improve (Team Project)

About the Solution

Low income students tend to perform more poorly on the SAT than wealthier students do, in turn making them less competitive and attractive as candidates in the college application process. Why do wealthier students tend to perform better? One reason is that they have access to costly private tutoring services that incorporate regular proctored practice tests and subsequent score feedback. Studies, including but not limited to a survey we conducted of over seventy high school students across the nation, have shown a direct correlation between taking practice SAT exams and improvement on the SAT. Yes, it is indeed possible to self-administer proctored tests for free, but students often lose track of timing throughout the long testing period and complicated timing schemes. Low-income students living in towns and cities that do not offer free practice tests cannot simply turn to costly tutoring centers but instead need an economical way to take multiple proctored practice tests, just as their wealthier peers do.

MyProctor is a free app that enables students to improve their chances of increasing their SAT test scores by honing their time-management skills, tracking their improvement, and building their test-taking confidence.

MyProctor is the only app of its kind that allows students to set goals, self-administer extended time testing conditions, and track their test scores. Similar apps for proctoring exams are available on the app store, but none of these applications provide students with any score feedback, and they do not explain the structure of the test, thus overwhelming students and blocking them from significant improvement. With both a practice mode and test simulation mode, MyProctor can help students grow familiar with the SAT at their own pace. The application’s practice mode eases students into the rigid SAT timing incrementally in a low-pressure setting, improving their time management skills. MyProctor also provides students with a means to save and track progress over time, so they can easily set goals and ascertain how well they are achieving them.

Seeing a personal trend of improvement in customized test score statistics will inspire confidence in students using MyProctor, and they will feel ready to take on the official SAT exam. Furthermore, this app will help even the playing field between students who can afford extensive test preparation and those either from under-resourced communities or who do not wish to pay for costly test preparation services.

Lindsay Rosston, Lea Sparkman

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