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Participating/Not Participating Attachment

About the Solution

A lot of our parent(s) either don’t need free or reduced lunches or just don’t want to apply, but if you give them a way to not have to actually fill out a lengthy form but still be counted to be able to help out others, they may be more will to to help you out.  Below is an idea I have that might help and give people a sense of doing the right thing by being a part of something like….The Clean Plate Society!  (I had nice logo’s and check boxes in the letter but couldn’t get the site to upload my document, might have been too big a file; but you get the idea below.)

Paradise Education Center

Clean Plate Society


To:  All Parent(s) with Students Attending Paradise Schools

From:  The Clean Plate Society

It’s that time of year that we need your help to make sure that all the students from Paradise Schools have a chance to be a part of The Clean Plate Society!  To do this we also need to verify those who might need our help.   The verification process is held every year to determine those students that may qualify for free or reduced lunches, and even if you are not applying for free or reduced lunches…..we need to know that too!

How can you help?  Simple:

  • Fill out the attached verification form and return it to school with your student (if you have more than one student at the school, you need only send in one application to apply or opt-out);
  • Don’t have time to fill-out the form, that’s okay! Select opt-out at the end of this letter and write in the name(s) of your student(s) that you wish to opt-out of the program;
  • Remember that this is an important step for all students to benefit….how? Not only do those students who qualify receive the needed benefits, all students benefit from learning about healthy foods with games and receipts available on the Paradise Schools web-site.  Knowing this simple verification step is complete allows us to focus on nutrition, exercise, receipts, and more.

Thanks for your help,

The Clean Plate Society

____ Opt-out

Student Name:______________________________

Student Name:______________________________

Student Name:______________________________


____ Enviar a casa Versión en español de la carta y el formulario.



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