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A solution by PurpleAir

Solution for: Smart City Air Challenge
About the Solution
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PurpleAir is an air quality monitoring network founded during October 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. PurpleAir’s mission is to empower local communities to monitor their air quality by employing a new generation of low cost sensors and the “internet of things”.

PurpleAir has already deployed over 200 laser counters and is selling and donating sensors to the community as this is being written. We have sensors in Utah, Colorado, Texas, Florida, California, Idaho, British Columbia, Ontario and even one in Russia. We are working on improving the network and infrastructure every day.

A grant like the Smart City Air Challenge will help accelerate the rollout and we are honored to be able to submit this application with a comprehensive list of partners.

Our complete application with details of the partners is contained in the included “PurpleAirSmartCityAirChallenge.pdf” file.

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