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Rekt: Your Friendly Collision Companion (Team Project)

About the Solution

1 in every 4 drivers in America will experience a car crash at least one time in their lives, with many of these people being involved in more than one accident. Many new and inexperienced drivers are unsure of what to do after an accident, and most of the time they become confused and start to panic. This widespread problem became apparent to us when our close friend recently got into a car accident. After the incident, she was unsure of what she actually needed to do and what information she needed to collect, and she even was to shocked to quickly let her parents know what had happened. Therefore, we decided to create an iOS application to solve this issue by providing a platform for drivers to efficiently go through the process after a car accident. We created Rekt, a revolutionary approach to car accidents, as it introduces a streamlined way to help new and inexperienced drivers with accident logistics. Our app utilizes multiple libraries and APIs, such as the Automated ZenDrive Advanced SDK. The ZenDrive libraries allow our app to implement crash collision detection capabilities which detect any sudden changes in the device’s velocity. If a crash is detected, the app immediately opens up, allowing users to access all the benefits without having to worry about unlocking their phones. Once the app opens up, the user can immediately call 911 by holding and swiping on the big red button if it is a major accident, and they can also instantly text whoever they have listed as their loved ones by clicking the button. Using the Google Maps API, the user’s current location will be automatically sent to their loved ones in the text. Our app makes it much more efficient for users to communicate even if they experience shock after the crash.

Additionally, our app involves a much more streamlined approach to exchanging information. One of the main concerns when talking to our friend was that she did not know exactly what information she needed to give and collect. Rekt solves this problem using the Bump Technology API. If both drivers involved in the car accident have the Rekt app and have filled in their information in the Settings tab, they simply have to bump phones with each other to exchange information. This way, people involved in accidents can easily collect information from the other drivers and even other witnesses. Once a new driver’s or witnesses’s information is added, our app uses a force touch feature that allows the user to view that person’s information by simply holding down on the cell.

Lastly, our app makes it easy for the users to take photos of the damage from the accident and share it with their family members or their auto insurance agent.

Once the entire process is complete, the user can access their accident history and view all the information and photos from the Accident History tab.

All these processes are streamlined into a simple-to-use, easy interface that guides the user from one task to the next. This way, the user experiences minimal friction after the accident, as they are guided through all of the necessary steps efficiently.

This app can even be your friendly companion, increasing your confidence while you drive! The Transport Research Laboratory has recently found that “increased driver confidence reduces the probability of collision.” We understand that car accidents are inevitable and cannot be fully prevented. Thus, Rekt eases the process and reduces the stress and tension after the accident happens.

Team Members: Amog Kamsetty, Ryan Hoque, Abinesh Sarvepalli, Rohan Taori

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