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The Simple Solution to Verification Response

About the Solution

Simple Solution,

Create binder to file all communication & documentation of each step.                                   Print Verification Tool 1 and following the steps, checking each box when step is completed.  Using an approved Point of Sale Program (POS) Verification Tool 6 identify the method used to select verification.                                                                                                                               Using an approved Point of Sale Program (POS) Verification Tool 5 identify the number of Categorically Eligible Applications & Income Applications the will be randomly selected by your POS to be verified.  On October 1 run a current Direct Verify List from the State data base.  From this point it is quite simple.  Contact each applicant by Certified Mail, sending letter 1, “We Must Check Your Application”.  Within 5 or 6 days of sending the letter contact the applicants by phone asking if they understand what is required of them and reinforcing the time frame within which the information is to be turned in to you.  If the required information is not received within that set forth time frame of letter 1 send letter 2 “Follow-Up Second Notice to Households” again using Certified Mail and calling within 5 or 6 days of sending letter 2.  The second phone call would be to make sure they understand the required documents they need to provide to you and again the time frame within which it is due.  Document each date & time that applicant is contacted by phone and content of the conversation when applicant is reached, this is very pertinent to the audit process if/when you get audited.  If applicant does respond with required documentation and you can show that you have talked on phone with parent/applicant you may consider this a response and would result in changing meal benefits to ‘paid’ status.  At this point you would send the “We Have Checked Your Application” letter informing applicant of the change in meal status, the effective date, and their right to request a hearing to contest the changes.  Be very thorough with your documentation in each of the steps you have taken to reach this point.  From this point follow the steps very carefully again using the Tools provided by OSPI paying close attention to deadlines.

Best of Luck!

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