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Use of technology is the way to go with verification!

About the Solution

In the past we have:

1. Directly Verified as many as possible.

2. Mail 1st notice, and included a self-addressed stamped return envelope for parent to send documents needed for verification response. This was a part of a USDA pilot that we participated in 2015, and we continued to use this process for 2016. This helped increase the receipt of documents needed for the verification response.

3. Make phone calls to parents asking them to respond to the verification request.

4. If they have not responded, send 2nd notice to the school to be sent home with the student.

5. If parents have limited English, meet with the school translator and parents to ensure we receive the proper response to verification.

6. Continue to make daily phone calls to parents if they have not responded.

This year with our current software (PrimeroEdge) we will be using the SchoolCafe Eligibility website and phone app for our online applications and verification process.

How parents respond online with SchoolCafé Eligibility

There are two scenarios for parents/guardians responding to verification. Those who submitted an application via SchoolCafé and those who submitted a paper application outside of SchoolCafé. Those who submitted an application via SchoolCafé, if selected, will see a “Verification” link appear within the Eligibility Benefits module of their SchoolCafé account (note: link will appear after the 1st verification notice is sent from PrimeroEdge). Those who submitted an application outside of SchoolCafé, if selected, can access the generic SchoolCafé Verification URL (www.SchoolCafé.com/verification/). Parents/guardians will need to identify their school district and application number to proceed with responding to verification.

No Responses

Parents/guardians have the opportunity to decline to respond to verification from within the new online verification response. This allows us to capture those actions as actual responses that are flagged/indicated as “Refuse Benefits”, instead of a prior “no response”. Similar to a standard response, this action is captured and directly input into PrimeroEdge marking this verification record as complete due to refusal of benefits. Appropriate comments are added within the application information screen to indicate that the parent/guardian refused benefits.

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