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In this phase you’ll put your plans into action. You’ll roll out your communications plan, accept submissions and interact with solvers to generate interest and enthusiasm throughout. After your submission deadline, you’ll begin to evaluate entries, select winners and verify their eligibility. Successful execution of this phase is critical to maintain credibility of the challenge and your agency.

Other Phases

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3.1 Execute the Communications Plan

It’s time to put your communications plan into action. Consult the resources in this step to execute your plan with plenty of lead time.

3.2 Accept Solutions

The process for accepting solutions from your solvers will vary from challenge to challenge but needs to be specified in the challenge rules. Submissions can range from paper proposals and videos to computer code and actual hardware.

3.3 Manage the Judging Process and Select Winners

The evaluation and judging process is the foundation for selecting the winners of your challenge. This process can be done in person or virtually. The resources in this step will help you manage the process you put in place.

3.4 Verify Winners

Once judging is complete, winners can be selected consistent with criteria established in earlier phases. This step will guide you through verifying your winners and thoroughly document your decisions.