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News & updates on federally sponsored challenges

Why Should Government Leaders Invest in Open Innovation?

By Quinn Slayton· July 31, 2021

A microphone, laptop, and headphones with the title line Government leaders are seeing the benefits of building a culture of innovation within their agencies.

Past Challenge Winner Q&A: Tim Mackey of S-3 Research

By Pierce McManus with Tim K. Mackey· September 08, 2020

winner Q&A header image We catch up with a past winner of NIDA's SUD Startup Challenge to learn more about their motivation to participate in the annual competition, what they learned from the experience and what advice they have for the latest crop of winners.

Federal Crowdsourcing Community Responds to the COVID-19 Emergency

By Pierce McManus· July 22, 2020

Frontline medical workers Federal agencies and citizen-solvers alike have heeded the call to fight the spread of this deadly disease, support healthcare workers on the frontline, and treat those stricken with COVID-19, through a vast number of rapidly scaled open innovation programs.

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