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Challenge Manager User Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for challenge manager use of Challenge.Gov. Navigate through the right side menu to select an area to learn more.

Send Message

Send and track messages with challenge participants. Once sent, challenge participants can view and reply to your message via the Message Center in the Solver portal. This feature is only available for challenges collecting submissions via the Challenge.Gov platform.

  1. From the Challenge Manager Dashboard, click Message Center.
  2. Click New Message at the top left of the page.
  3. Select a challenge from the Select Your Challenge dropdown.
  4. Click the radio button to indicate if you wish to send the message to “All members of this challenge” or an “Individual solver of this challenge”. Participants will not be able to see communications with other participants. Sending a message to multiple participants will start a separate message thread with each one.
  5. Click New Message at the bottom of the page If you selected “All members of this challenge”, skip to the next step. If you selected “Individual solver of this challenge”, follow the steps below to select which solver(s) you wish to message:
    • From the Submissions page, select the tab for the submission phase you wish to work with.
    • Select the checkbox(es) next to the title(s) of the submission for the participant you want to message.
  6. Click Message Solvers at the top left of the tab. Enter your message content in the text box at the button of the page. Adjust the font size and format, create bulleted and numbered lists, indent text, and add hyperlinks. Click Save Draft at any point to save and continue working at a later time.
  7. Click Send Message at the bottom of the page.